Dating a Workaholic

Dear Dr. Gavin

I always feel like Im in competition with my boyfriends job when it comes to having his attention. My boyfriend blew up on the online internet business by whole selling eastern furniture right through the website. Because of the direct furniture selling he has been to China for months at a time and is constantly traveling for other business endeavors. When he does come home he only has enough to time to see his family and me very briefly, we barely even have sex. He pays the rent and the bills and when I ask him for more of his time he gets snappy and tells me that I shouldn’t be complaining since most women  would appreciate what I have. He pays for my school and helps me out with any other expenses. I feel grateful for what I have but we’ve been a couple for a while and we doesn’t want to talk aboutmarriage. It is possible to make this work?

Dating a Workaholic

Dear Dating a Workaholic

Dating a workaholic is like dating a cheater sometimes, the same feelings of being frustrated, alone, and angry will be present in both situations. But one of the more disturbing things I find about you’re letter is that you’re boyfriend seems to be holding power over you just because he’s making more money then you. Becareful of that. Here a couple things you can bring up when having your monthly dinner with him. Ask him to have a little of perspective when it comes to you’re dating life. Ask him if money or family is important. See what he says. I take it you’re a smart girl and if he only talks about his success and not his want for a family with you , then my dear you have my answer. Other things you can do is create a consistent date night between you too when he comes back so that you both have the time alone to reconnect. If he cancels then create consequences with out nagging him but let him know that its important. If you still feel lack of co operation and he’s money is the only thing keeping you there then you need to break it off.

Good Luck.

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