Reasons Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

Online dating is the second to porn as the most paid to use content on the web and according to online dating studies 1 in 5 relationships start online and millions of online dating users sign in per month. If there is so many prospects out there that are signing in to hook up why is it that woman and men have so trouble finding the one? Even top dating websites get knocked and ridiculed for endless questionaries and personalty tests that cost more then tv cable, yet we dish out so much for so little results?

There are several reasons why there is an increase in negative feeling towards online dating. The first reason is that woman and men are not assured that what you see is what you get. Deception buries deeper then skin and people that post outdated pictures are also guiltily of checking off the wrong relationship status box, all of a sudden their divorced or ‘single ‘.

Our mistake is that we take online dating way to seriously and at such a young age we feel that meeting people at appropriate places like a coffee shop, a gallery, a sports team, a gym have become out dated and old. We decide to signup our 20-30 self up to online dating cause we’ve already become sick of the real world.

But if we become to dependent on online dating as a means to finding our perfect match we risk being subjected to anxiety and depression. The virtual dating world is shallow where judging a picture to a profile is the easier way to determine whether or not you want to meet someone. And what if your successful and well mature self does not get ‘winked at’ during your one paid month of online dating ? Its damaging to our self esteem to be so subjected to preferred age groups and racial preference, to be judge right away by height then heart.

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